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ABOUT US started as a computer system integrator in South Lake Tahoe in 1994 with a small staff. We moved from various colocation facilities in Northern California until we settled at 200 Paul ExchangeColo now run by Digital Realty Trust. This facility offered us a ideal location for peering and growth ability.

We have been able to steadily grow our customer base by understanding a fundamental rule in regards to business. There is no way to truly grow a hosting business on product and price advantage alone, the most important factor to a successful business is a strong customer service culture.

Going with the wrong hosting company can be devastating to a online business, we want to assure you of our maturity and skill.

Here are some quick facts about us

• Core Team has been together close to 12 years and makes up 70% of our company.

• We can work with you personally on your business needs unlike large budget hosts.

• We have no hidden fees, unlike low cost hosting companies our monthly price is our monthly price.

• We don't segregate our customers based on pricing, everyone will receive quality support from us.

• We manage over 900 Servers and work efficiently and quickly through any situations.

• We are a 14 Person Company, working in multiple locations around the world. Our team comprises of Linux and Windows Experts.

• Our specialty is managed dedicated servers that use mass bandwidth. We emphasize quality communications with our customers, and knowing what they want before they ask.

We are also these other sites: - Reliable and affordable hosting of high volume and low volume websites. - We currently provide VPN services for a ever growing number of International Travelers, and hotspot users. Using a VPN now is critical to ensure your data is kept private from password sniffers at hotspots and hotels.